Saturday, October 13, 2012

Thoughts For The Journey

For many years I fought to overcome things in my life that I knew were displeasing to God (I hated and hate the parts of me that aren't like Jesus). At times I felt so defeated. It wasn't that I didn't love God, on the contrary, it was that my efforts were misdirected. 

In no way am I talking about being flippant with sin, but, had I spent more time drawing near to the One who loves me and has all power to break the hold of every sin, then maybe freedom would have come much sooner.

Alan Redpath said it so beautifully when he said, "Give up the struggle and the fight; relax in the omnipotence of the Lord Jesus; look up into His lovely face and as you behold Him, He will transform you into His likeness. You do the beholding--He does the transforming."

I have found this to be so true. Things that I once struggled with are now gone. I don't know when they left. I can't write a book about it. I only know that my desire to be close to God became greater than the desire to sin against Him. He did it and continues to do it and I am forever grateful. The journey continues.

By Tom Zurowski

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