Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Let our hearts burn for you! Let our minds be set! Let us never be satisfied!

“Lord, let our hearts burn for You, let our minds always be set on You, and let us never be satisfied!”
Yesterday I was praying for God to move at The Chapel (the church I attend) while we had all day prayer. When I was praying, I felt the words that are written above stir in my heart. These words were said as a prayer, but I also felt like God gave it to me as a word for the people who attend the Chapel.
The more I thought about it, I also believe that it applies to all our lives. I’m not going to write down some big post about this. I’m just going to write down my prayer for all of us. Here it goes……
“God, let us be known as people with burning hearts for You! People that long for nothing of this world, but long for You and Your Spirit! Let our minds be heavenly minded! That we would remember this world is only a dressing room for eternity! And Lord, please help us to never reach a false finish line. Let us never be satisfied! In Your Holy name, Jesus, I pray. Amen!”
Be Unashamed!!!
God Bless,
John Zurowski

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