Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Spiritual Transaction

“But Saul met Christ and heard His voice. Then when the fire eating Pharisee, whose stormy soul was corroding with the acid of religious bitterness, was met by Deity, Saul was turned from darkness to light and from the power of Satan unto God."

That day the history of man took a new turn. One can summarize Paul’s spiritual transaction in this way:

It was an exchange of life – “Not I, but Christ.”

It was an expensive life – “Suffered the loss of all things.”

It was an exciting life – “Fought with wild beasts.”

It was an explicit life – “This one thing I do.”

It was an exemplary life – “What things you have seen and heard in      me, do.”
"Paul had found rest – and yet he became the most restless man who ever lived. He had found joy – and yet he was in continual heaviness and sorrow of heart for the lost. He had found peace - but he waged an unending war against all the powers of darkness.”(Leonard Ravenhill, from his book “Meat For Men”)

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